These are trying, tragic times right now, with so much stress and sadness. It’s often hard to see the positives, but that’s one thing I’m personally trying to focus on right now. I’m very grateful to have more time to spend with my little one, have the ability to work from home and have some time to practice my photography, albeit with my own mug, but practice is practice.

The other week I decided to glam myself up a bit and get some self portraits, while trying out some different lighting styles. Three very different looks all using one light source.

The black and white photos initially had a different edit, but because I sat on them too long, I got twitchy and gave them a “filmic” vibe. The jury’s out on which are preferred, you can see the original edits over on my instagram (just swipe).

A little “behind the scenes” but I like the image.

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